We are a healthcare company, focused on added value medical technologies

Our expertise

We have unrivalled expertise in developing, scaling up and manufacturing medical devices that meet the exacting quality requirements of our customers and global regulatory authorities. We have 50 years of experience manufacturing for many of the world’s largest pharmaceutical, generic and biotech companies.

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What we do

  • Leading supplier of drug delivery devices to the global pharmaceutical industry, with a market leading share in devices for respiratory therapies
  • Leading US supplier of disposable medical products used by anaesthetists in the establishment and maintenance of patient airways
  • Global reputation for innovation, design for manufacture and high quality volume manufacture in regulated markets
  • Diversification strategy into new drug delivery and airway visualisation devices broadening market opportunities for growth

Our strategy for growth

New product Development

We have invested in increased R&D resources and have a growing portfolio of significant new products due for launch in both divisions over the next five years


We are diversifying the Bespak division into adjacent areas of drug delivery and diagnostics to open up new and high growth market opportunities.We are expanding the King Systems division into international markets where it was previously not represented.

Higher value products and services

We look to increase the value add offered to our customers. In the Bespak division this would include drug handling, for example. In King Systems this includes the development of more sophisticated higher value products such as the King Vision laryngoscope.

Product pipeline highlights

Divisions at a glance


Key products

  • Respiratory: metered dose inhaler valves, dry powder inhalers, integrated dose counters, actuators
  • Injectables: autoinjectors, needle-free injectors
  • Other: Point of Care (POC) Diagnostics devices, medical check valves

Online www.bespak.co.uk www.atlasgenetics.com

Market position

no.1in respiratory drug delivery
>500m number of devices manufactured
+27% increase in MDI valve volumes
9 products in development pipeline
King systems

Key products

  • Anaesthesia: Breathing circuits, face masks, breathing bags
  • Airway management: Laryngeal tubes, laryngeal airway devices
  • Visualisation: King Vision digital video laryngoscope

Market position

no.1 in US circuits and masks
+19% increase in international revenues
>17m number of devices manufactured