Embedding CR in our business

The Consort Medical plc Board recognises the importance of the impact its businesses can have on the environment, employees, its customers and the communities in which it operates

To run a responsible and sustainable business we must remain committed to managing these impacts, whilst also delivering opportunities that can have a positive influence on our business.

We manage our corporate responsibility (CR) commitments through our CR Committee, chaired by non-executive director Jim Dick. This meets three times a year to review current performance, and highlight opportunities for continuous improvement. We have also developed KPIs to evaluate progress.

We continue to monitor the Group’s performance against the following four CR framework pillars:

  • Community – recognition from the communities in which we operate
  • Employees – supporting our people
  • Environment – managing our environmental impact
  • Ethical standards – acting with integrity to achieve the highest ethical standards

We continue to make progress across each of these pillars by empowering our people to help deliver initiatives. Key highlights of our performance over the past 12 months are summarised below.


We continue to remain active partners in the communities in which we operate through initiatives such as Bespak’s school mentoring programme and committing to sponsoring the Grand East Anglia Run (GEAR) for a further three years. Bespak was awarded the 2010 Manufacturing Business of the Year by the local borough: a key element of the assessment criteria was contribution to the local community.

King Systems continues to support the United Way, which champions education and health in the community.


Bespak continues to explore ways of improving employee communication, and seeks regular feedback to help evaluate effectiveness. An online newsletter was introduced in 2011, and a successful schedule of employee meetings to communicate Bespak’s strategy has also been put in place.

King Systems have recently collaborated with staff to develop a new employee handbook and policies.

Promoting Corporate Values has been a priority for the whole Group, with an updated employee award and recognition Values in Practice (VIP) programme.

Employees are now also assessed on key behaviours which link back to the Group’s corporate values.

A Rotation programme has been introduced in Bespak during the last year with up to as many as ten employees rotated across the business at any one time helping to broaden experience and develop employees.

The Group recently launched an International Secondment programme with the first successful Bespak candidate spending 12 months working in the King Systems Division.

Health and safety

Health and safety remains a priority across the Group, with measures to indicate good safety management and improvement across all sites.

King Systems has implemented a number of initiatives including regular Safety Committee meetings, and a new Safety intranet page with links to various training and information.


Environmental Management System
Bespak achieved ISO 14001 accreditation in 2010 as a result of a sustained effort to implement all the management systems and ‘know how’. The skills to do this were home grown with key staff members obtaining formal environmental qualifications.

Energy management
In March 2010 Bespak launched a project team to reduce energy consumption by 25% over the next three years.

This initiative aims to reduce Bespak’s carbon footprint by 4,000t eCo2 in the same period and will ensure that it meets its commitments under the new Carbon Reduction Efficiency Scheme. The team has completed an energy opportunities assessment with support from the Carbon Trust, and has developed an action plan which they are now resourcing, planning and implementing to ensure overall objectives are met. Future energy use is being monitored through an energy policy, ownership and management system.

About 500 Bespak employees have received energy awareness training leading to reductions in the overall energy metric from 0.37kWh Hours of energy per pound of sales last year, to 0.34kWh for the corresponding period this year.

Waste management
Waste management continues to be a focus through external audits and we encourage employee participation through a number of waste reduction programmes.

Ethical standards

We continue to operate to the highest possible ethical standards across the Group.

It is policy to uphold all laws relevant to countering bribery and corruption in all the jurisdictions in which we operate. In anticipation of its entry into force in July 2011, the Group has been enhancing its framework of controls to comply with the provisions of the Bribery Act.

Bespak has instigated a review of ethical commitments in supplier contracts and has added an ethical standards section in supplier questionnaires to sit alongside quality and financial stability assessments.

Achievements and goals

  1. Community

    Recognition from the communities in which we operate by offering support and exploring partnership opportunities which deliver benefits to our communities

  2. Achievements in 2010/11

    • Bespak’s school mentoring programme continues to provide guidance and support to local students
    • King Systems raised significant sums for the United Way, meeting 150% of the fundraising goal
  3. Goals for 2011/12

    • Launch Group Community Investment Strategy
    • Bespak committed to sponsoring the Grand East Anglia Run for a further three years
    • Maintain and grow activity through King’s Charities Committee
  1. Employees

    Supporting our people through instigating learning and development opportunities and ensuring we provide a safe place to work

  2. Achievements in 2010/11

    • Relaunch of internal communications strategy
    • Updated employee award and recognition Values in Practice (VIP) programme to promote Corporate Values across the Group
    • Key safety improvements
    • Health and Safety/Training Supervisor hired by King Systems who has implemented new HSE policies
    • International secondment programme launched
    • Job Rotation programme launched
  3. Goals for 2011/12

    • Revision of new hire induction process to improve safety knowledge of new employees at King Systems
    • Creation of a process for monthly safety audits of the building at King Systems
    • Employee survey to measure climate and engagement
  1. Environment

    Managing our environmental impact to reduce negative impacts and deliver positive outcomes

  2. Achievements in 2010/11

    • ISO14001 accreditation achieved by Bespak
    • Energy opportunities assessment completed by Bespak and energy reduction action plan developed
    • 500 Bespak employees received energy awareness training. Leading to reductions from 0.37kWh of energy per pound of sales last year, to 0.34kWh for this year
    • King Systems has significantly reduced employee exposure to methylene chloride
  3. Goals for 2011/12

    • Reduce energy consumption at Bespak by 25% by 2013
    • Reduce Bespak’s Carbon Footprint by 4,000t eCO2 in the same period
  1. Ethical standards

    Acting with integrity to achieve the highest ethical standards across the Group

  2. Achievements in 2010/11

    • Bespak has instigated a review of ethical commitments in supplier contracts and has added an ethical standards section in supplier questionnaires
    • Code of ethics policy incorporated into the Employee Handbook of King Systems, including a whistleblowing policy
  3. Goals for 2011/12

    • Complete review of supplier contracts