Donnie Parsons,
Domestic and International Sales Trainer, King Systems

My role is to train the international domestic sales force for King Systems and I’m hear to introduce the new King Vision video the range and scope is the most exciting product in the last thirty years, as far as King Systems is concerned. And there are a lot of reasons that this is a very exciting product. First of all though, lets talk a little bit about intubation and what exactly is intubation because this device is used to make intubation much more easily obtained and it’s less invasive. So, intubation is when you go in for an operation and their going to put you to sleep, they will put a tube down your throat, they’re going to put it through your trachea and they need for that to be very easy and quick. And many times it’s difficult for them to do this and that’s why it becomes very important for them to be able to see everything that’s going on and that’s why the video scopes have become very popular in the market place. And that’s why we have designed and developed the King Vision.

The key features of this particular device and why it’s also very, very exciting is that is has an OLED screen that separates itself from every other screen that’s out there in the market place right now. So you have a clarity, a focus, an anti fog device built into this device, meaning that it’ll never fog over so that they can see everything that they are wanting to see when they intubate a patient. It has two blades, a channel blade to pre-load an ET tube to guide it into the trachea or it has a non-channel blade for larger ET tubes or for nasal intubation so it covers every type of intubation with the two different blades that we supply.

The King Vision is opening doors throughout every hospital and I mean every door, the respiratory therapists are excited about it, the pulmonologist who deals with airways is excited about it, the ER department, the crash car committee, the pre-hospital people which are the medi flight guys, they’re extremely excited because it’s durable, it’s portable, it’s affordable for them. It’s easy for them to put on their helicopters because it’s not very big. Also in the operating room, they routinely do difficult and routine airways and this is going to take care of both of those in a very affordable way.

The doctors are very excited about this in the great state of Arkansas very recently I had an opportunity to go to an EMS department and I was able to show this device and he got so excited about it, he picked up the phone and called his buddy at a major medical centre across town, so we went over there and he went with me and he ended up buying three of them. We went over he got this guy so excited that he ended up buying three, he asked me if I had shown this to his respiratory therapist department and I said no I have not you’re the second person to see this in Arkansas, and he said we’ll just a minute, so he calls, he picks up the phone and calls his respiratory therapist director down, he tries it on his manikin, in five seconds he has the airway and he orders three. So, I’ve got nine at this point, so then I go across town to a major medical centre and make an appointment with the chief doctor there in the operating room, he ends up ordering fourteen of this devices, because he gets so excited the other doctors start saying everybody wants one. So if he gets one, we want one, so everybody gets one, so that they can put it in their pocket and put their name on it. So, in about an hour and 25 minutes, 25 of these were sold and the excitement level was very high.